Virtual or in-person, an HOA management board’s meetings are a critical part of what it means to hold such a position. Not only that, but they’re essential to moving the community forward, to setting goals, and to seeking feedback from residents to make sure their needs are being met.

All of that purpose means that board meetings can be daunting to run, but if you’re a new member, don’t fear. The property management services pros at Gassen are here with a few basic how-tos on getting the most out of your next board meeting.

Mind Your Meeting Minutes

No, we’re not talking about how many minutes a meeting takes—though minding that is important too, of course. Your HOA’s meeting minutes are something different entirely: a document that, in short, summarizes a given meeting.

To produce such a document accurately is critical, as doing so helps to:

●        Inform those not present of what was discussed

●        Put into writing what motions were approved, thus eliminating community-wide ambiguity

●        Record which board member voted for what, which can allow residents to make educated electoral decisions

●        Serve as an important record for the board

●        Legally fulfil the HOA’s record-keeping obligations

Whoever takes these minutes must take their job seriously—quite a bit is, as we’ve proven, at stake! Make sure what’s written is succinct, easy-to-understand, and, above all, accurate.

Also, deliver and complete them within the timeframe outlined in your HOA’s regulations to avoid legal hot water.

Help Homeowners’ Opinions Be Heard

Meetings are an amazing time to connect with your residents, but if the board allows too much time for homeowners to speak, it’s easy for the discussion to go off-topic or become redundant. This can muddy things, making it harder for a concerned resident’s valuable voice to be heard and remembered.

The solution? Ask for feedback, questions, and comments ahead of time. Online property management tools can come in handy for this! The board can then cover concerns within an outlined timeframe, leaving space at the beginning or end of meetings for homeowners to speak.

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