The internet can truly open doors for your HOA—take it from a provider of online property management services! We’ve been huge proponents of these technologies for what feels like forever, and we love how they make communication and accounting property management so much easier.

Looking to bring your HOA into the modern world? Here are a few helpful HOA management applications that can streamline your operations and boost the quality of your residents’ lives.

Give Your Residents the Power to Pay Online

We’ve all forgotten to pay a bill on time now and again—life gets busy! However, when your residents neglect HOA payments, this can lead to huge, community-wide consequences that drag down the collective standard of living.

Luckily, online property management services make it easy to pay dues with a few taps of a screen or clicks of the mouse. Bills can be paid quickly and simply, so dues never fall behind on your residents’ to-do lists again.

Communicate Efficiently

Mailed newsletters can easily get tossed out on accident, and community billboards, while a great idea for some neighborhoods, aren’t always readily accessible due to busy schedules or inclement weather.

That’s why online HOA communication is so amazing. You can send a message to all residents and have it reach their devices nearly immediately, rain or shine—and reading them doesn’t require a time-consuming trek to the billboard!

Remain Open to Resident Requests

Giving your residents an easy way to get a hold of you is not just a matter of convenience. It goes a long way towards showing them that the board cares about what they need.

Online HOA management technology can do just that by creating an avenue for residents to seek an audience with the board—be it for something as simple as a question on the rules or as complicated as filing a nuanced complaint.

 All this makes the board’s lives easier too. When resident questions and requests are automatically organized in one place, they become easier to sort through and handle. You’ll waste less time with administrative tasks and spend more of it actively helping residents. Talk about a win-win!

Gassen’s Online Property Management Services Facilitate All This & More

Looking for all-around and comprehensive online property management tech and an awesome property management services provider to boot? You’ve found both in Gassen. Our local and caring team is ready to equip your HOA with the programs you need to succeed. Reach our Eden Prairie office at 952-922-5575.