Whether it’s due to a packed schedule, new community challenges, or sheer incompetence, one thing is evident to you: your HOA management board needs help. Your neighborhood just doesn't look or feel like it used to, and you thus have no idea what cause your dues are going towards—frankly, you’re regretting even moving to an HOA in the first place!

It doesn’t have to be this way, though; in fact, we at Gassen, as five-star providers of property management services, believe you should love living in your HOA. If you don’t, below you’ll find out what to do about it.

Talk to the Board

If it’s something that isn’t obvious, it could be possible that the board has no idea that the community feels a certain way about something. For example, has a large neighborhood subset wanted to move towards online property management services instead of analog ones for a while now? Then get a group together and communicate that to the board!

It’s unreasonable to expect your HOA management board to read the community’s mind—though they should be taking active steps to solicit feedback. It’s also unreasonable for the board to put into practice absolutely every resident request, unless it’s a request that you shouldn’t have had to make in the first place. Budget constraints and the broader community’s opinion do exist, after all!

Consider Member Removal

If you’ve brought something to the board’s attention multiple times, or you’re dealing with obvious laziness or negligence, you can opt to have a board member removed. Keep in mind, though, that

●        When you can do this is determined by your HOA’s rules

●        This often takes a long while

●        It must be done with tact, because you’re likely to be in the same community as former board members for years

Hire the Appropriate Property Management Services

If your community needs a little helping hand, anything from accounting property management services to more general property management services can help. It’s not easy keeping up with a volunteer position on top of a full-time job and family responsibilities; with enough sympathy and understanding of this plight, your community and the HOA management board can come to a solution that both improves neighborhood life and removes some of the heavy load.

Gassen Is Here to Help Your Community Shine

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