Vendors are the backbone of a well-run HOA community. They handle everything from landscaping to snow removal to exterior repairs—anything your HOA management cannot accomplish through volunteer work. But just as a great vendor can make your neighborhood shine, the bad ones can drag it down, so it’s important you make smart choices when shopping around for these pros. That can be hard to do when vendors do so many things!

That’s why Gassen, a provider of property management services, is here to help. Below, we’ll describe a few characteristics of great vendors, regardless of their area of expertise.

They Have a Long History of Working With HOA Management

Serving isolated customers is one thing, but serving entire communities is another. A vendor must have a unique skillset to do the latter, which includes

●        Impeccable time management

●        Quick and clear communication skills

●        Enough talent with their craft to keep an entire neighborhood looking uniform

The best way to see if a potential vendor has any or all of these skills? See if they’ve got experience working with HOAs! While all such communities may be different, they all tend to share the same goal: promoting a high standard of neighborhood living. If a potential vendor has worked harmoniously with these sorts of neighborhoods in the past, yours probably will be no different.

They’re Licenced, Insured, Certified, & Verified

Every field has different legal requirements when it comes to this—but, generally speaking, the more thoroughly a potential vendor can describe their credentials to you, the better. It’s a good idea to brush up on what the baseline requirements are for a qualified vendor in your state before starting your search.

Cost & Quality of Service Are Proportional & Within Budget

You should get what you pay for. Usually, if a potential vendor has prices that seem too good to be true, they’re just that; on the flip side, if that vendor seems ridiculously expensive, they better leave your neighborhood looking not just satisfactory, but phenomenal.

The best way to contextualize a given vendor is to shop around. Think about it like you’re hiring a neighborhood employee—which, in some cases, you might actually be! Once you’ve made multiple calls and organized the relevant information, you’ll gain a better understanding of what a given vendor’s industry looks like right now and how best you can take advantage of the services it provides.

Struggling to Pick Vendors? Gassen is Here to Help

Alongside our top-notch accounting property management and online property management services, we also can provide your community with local professionals that can get the job done right.

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