When you volunteer in HOA management, feedback – both positive and negative – becomes a critical part of your job. Without it, you couldn’t boost your community’s happiness, as you can’t read your neighborhood’s mind! However, when your reputation is at the whims of your community’s opinion, stomaching that opinion can become quite difficult.

Use Feedback of All Sorts as Rocket Fuel

The key to overcoming a fear of feedback is to recognize the self-improving potential that comes from both the good and the bad. That, and not taking things too personally. Once you master doing both, nothing can stop your becoming a better board member!

Working With Negative Feedback

It can hurt to hear that your performance as a board member wasn’t to your community’s standards. And it hurts even more if you were trying your best, which, of course, you were. But let’s flip the script a little – at least you know what the problem is now, and since HOAs tend to be vocal in neighborhood affairs, that knowledge should be crystal clear. Use it to improve, not to brood!

Keep in mind that even if your residents are currently upset with you, that most likely stems from your work and not your personal character traits. That assurance alone can make accidentally dissatisfying others a little easier to bear.

Working With Positive Feedback

Did you know positive feedback can be used for self-improvement? Yep, even if you’re already doing a good job, that knowledge will still work to better your position.

A couple of reasons:

●        It boosts your confidence

●        It points you in the right direction

●        It shows you what your community wants you to work towards

Just don’t let rave reviews get to your head! While it’s awesome that you’re doing a good job, take it from Gassen, a provider of property management services: Stay modest and reap the benefits.

When you remain grounded in your humble goal to serve your community, any potential future negative feedback won’t rattle you as much.

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