Amenities are a mainstay of a happy HOA community. They provide your residents with some much-needed R&R, not to mention spruce up the neighborhood nicely. They also demonstrate that your HOA management board truly cares for and hears the community, boosting its reputation. As the board’s reputation both influences community morale and resident turnover rates, you’d be wise to use amenities to your advantage in this respect.

Recycling Programs Demonstrate an Ethical Board

If your board is looking to show its community that it cares, it better look beyond the community itself – and beyond tangible amenities.

A truly caring board – one that is held in high esteem – acknowledges that a world exists beyond the neighborhood’s welcome signs, and that the power to change that world for the better lies well within the community’s grasp.

That’s why recycling programs are so effective at boosting the board’s reputation. Though they might not be as show-stopping as a community pool, they demonstrate that the board selflessly cares about the planet, and that it’s bound to care in a similar fashion about the community that it serves.

Boost Your Reputation With Flashier Amenities

A community with amenities that support healthy lifestyles is more attractive overall. Which amenities would most benefit your community?

●        Consider bright and punchy landscaping to show your board knows the value of appearances.

●        Provide residents with opportunities to have fun, like dog parks, outdoor grilling areas, and playgrounds.

●        A quiet space for remote workers who desire a change of pace from their home offices.

At the end of the day, seeking resident feedback and using it to direct your amenity plans is the best way to boost your board’s reputation. You could invest all your time into improving the community clubhouse, for example, but if your neighborhood is overwhelmingly suggesting a pool, your community might feel you aren’t listening. Whether board or property management services team, oversight without resident consideration is the absolute best way to lose your neighborhood’s favor.

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