Your reputation, while it might not be an exact reflection of how your board operates, is an important part of what attracts and maintains members of your HOA community. Who wants to live somewhere where they pay what they feel to be incompetent or cold HOA management? That’s a rhetorical question, of course, but you get the idea – it’s essential that you not only do a good job managing your community, but also outwardly appear as such.

However, we’re in no way suggesting you put up a farce! As acclaimed providers of property management services and online property management, we know that great results speak for themselves, and that honesty can go a long way towards your becoming a well-loved board.

Let’s discuss how to apply those two concepts to your day-to-day operations and blossom into the appreciated board you’ve always known your team could be!

Boosting Reputation: Honesty Gets Results

The number one thing that will discredit HOA management in the eyes of residents: dishonesty.

A board that has to lie is of course the pinnacle of unethical, but it also is revealing itself as incredibly incompetant, as boards that practice the accountability that makes them grow have nothing to hide. Always speak the truth to your community, even if it’s not one they’d particularly like to hear. In the long run, your reputation, and therefore your neighborhood, will bloom.

Honesty helps you create a community residents love.

When you’re honest with your community, they’re motivated to speak up themselves, giving you the feedback you need to cater to them and their happiness.

Honesty keeps you accountable.

When you take responsibility for your mistakes, your board can learn how to grow from them and thus how to do things better next time. Honesty serves as a signal flag to your community that your board is willing to swallow its pride in the name of improvement. What’s more admirable than that?

Honesty keeps your finances in tip-top shape.

Even when you hire the accounting property management pros at Gassen, remaining realistic and truthful about your financial situation helps your HOA spend and save money wisely. Don’t beat around the bush with your residents or promise them amenities you can’t afford. They’ll find out sooner or later.

Honesty Doesn’t Work Without Competence – Hire Gassen Today!

Your residents, alongside honesty, expect your board to constantly be on top of things, which can get quite overwhelming, especially in today’s trying times! Partner with Gassen today and watch your board’s reputation soar. Give our Eden Prairie office a call today at 952-922-5575.