Are your community’s numbers on the thin side lately? We’re not talking about your finances! With proper accounting property management, you should have nothing to worry about there. We’re talking about your residents. Are people moving out?

If so, this is no doubt quite distressing. As an HOA management board, you rely on residents’ dues to keep your community running. Without as much income, you might need to cut something somewhere, and what if that cut results in even more residents leaving, causing a chain reaction? It’s no doubt a blow to your ego to see people you’ve worked so hard to please decide they’re done with the community. Where did the board go wrong?

Put all your fears aside – Gassen is here to help. As providers of online property management and general property management services, we know a thing or two about helping communities, if our top-notch testimonials are anything to go by. We’re here to share a few secrets about attracting new residents to your HOA neighborhood, so that all of your worries never come to pass.

Highlight What Makes Your Community Special

As an HOA, you already have a ton of advantages over non-HOA neighborhoods with homes or condos in the same price range. From amenities to well-kept public areas, your community has plenty to be proud of, and plenty to use to entice future residents. (And if not, getting great property management services on the scene can help!)

Attracting new residents boils down in many parts to marketing these good things that your community already has. As simple as it sounds, though, there are right and wrong ways to do it.

Update Your Website

Keep your website up-to-date. With the internet being as important as it is these days, it’s frequently where potential new buyers will learn about your community. Make sure your first impression is a good one.

Be Transparent

Be as honest as is tasteful. Promising that the board is considering a certain amenity for the future when they’re not is, for example, a great way to start a new resident’s relationship with the board out poorly. You’re trying to sell your community in all communications with potential residents, but don’t make promises you can’t or don’t intend to keep.

Build Your Online Community

Don’t forget about social media. Get connected with your community! Not only does it demonstrate to potential residents that the neighborhood values communication, but it also can help to spread the word when your community has openings.

Contact Gassen to Boost Your Property Management Services

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