HOA communities are truly bastions of high living standards. From boosting property values to maintaining amenities to forging a strongly bonded community, they do quite a bit to make themselves so, and thus there’s often little residents can be dissatisfied about.

However, just like in any community, there still exists the chance that some neighbors might not get along – a distressing situation for HOA management and residents alike. It gets worse, too, if the two feuding parties live next door to one another. Can you imagine waking up every weekend, knowing that the relaxing day you had planned will undoubtedly require dealing with someone you dislike?

If this describes your living conditions right now, we at Gassen, as providers of property management services, are here to help. It’s an HOA’s job to provide its residents with the highest standard of living that’s possible for them, and in any case, that doesn’t involve living with this hanging over your head.

Let’s discuss how to patch things up with this neighbor, so you can get on with living the great life HOA management brings you!

What Can the Board Do to Help?

Quite a bit, actually! If a calm chat over the fence hasn’t gotten through to your neighbor and the tranquility-disrupting behavior continues, the board may be able to step in if said behavior violates community standards. Getting in touch with them via online property management services is by far the easiest way to go, as having a third party around can swiftly diffuse even the most tense of circumstances.

That being said, quite a bit of what the board can and can’t do is controlled by its governing documents. Every HOA is unique in this respect, and thus how the dispute is handled will be likewise. Regardless, the board should work as hard as it can to ensure that the conflict is resolved in some way, shape, or form, and that both parties can continue life in their HOA in peace.

Should I Try to Resolve This Myself?

We at Gassen always recommend going to the board for help if the situation violates community standards. One of the many amazing things about HOAs is that you have access to an entire governing body whose sole purpose is to enhance your life in their community. Don’t hesitate to make use of your resources!

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