Amenities in an HOA play an important role in ensuring community happiness. While they’re not a be-all-end-all, they do provide the perks that both foster bonds in current residents and catch the eyes of potential new ones. And with so many to choose from – pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, community gardens, dog parks, you name it – there’s an amenity for every type of neighborhood, every budget, and every resident lifestyle. Your HOA management should definitely invest in them.

But which one should your neighborhood choose? If your property management services have suggested you put money towards better community infrastructure, that “so many to choose from” aspect can quickly become overwhelming to even the most experienced of boards.

Gassen is here to help! With accounting property management, online property management, and more, we’ve helped HOAs across Minnesota make smart decisions when choosing amenities and run their communities seamlessly.

What Amenities Would Most Benefit Your HOA Community?

Should your neighborhood put money towards a pool or a volleyball court, a community garden or a dog park? You want the amenity that your neighborhood is going to use the most – the one they’ll most appreciate – but how can you please so many people in one fell swoop?

All HOAs are different. Some may be home to many young and active families with children, while others have a quieter, senior demographic. Understanding who lives in your HOA and what caters to their current lifestyle is a great first step to selecting the right amenity.

Despite these differences, these five amenities are the most popular for all communities.

1. Outdoor Community Gathering Spaces

From luscious gardens to gazebos to ponds with fountains, every HOA could use a space to relax, unwind, and get in touch with nature.

2. Fitness Centers

Getting fit is great for both a person’s mind and body, and residents of all ages appreciate that you consider them on such an individual level.

3. Pools

Though they can be maintenance-intensive, there’s nothing quite like splashing around in the sun to bring a community together.

4. Village Centers

If you’re feeling ambitious, constructing a space to serve as a community hub is a worthwhile project. You can even rent out spaces to businesses to keep absolutely everything your residents might need in one easily accessible location.

5. Trail Systems

Including paved or natural hiking, walking, and biking trails in your community has become a popular way to encourage exercise, community building, and relaxing in nature.

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