From seminars to online courses to entire college degrees, the world seems determined to provide you with leadership learning opportunities, but this doesn’t mean taking up the mantle is ever easy when it comes to HOAs. Making tough financial decisions, settling disputes between residents, taking responsibility in the eyes of the community for seemingly everything that goes wrong – it’s tough to be the leader your neighborhood needs sometimes.

Tough as it may be, that doesn’t mean you get to shirk your responsibilities. You willingly took them on, after all. In addition, a neighborhood with an incompetent HOA management board is worse off than one that doesn’t have one in the first place, and given that you obviously care about your community, you have to learn to step up and provide smart and stalwart leadership. It’s the only way to guide your community to the great heights you know it deserves to reach.

As providers of property management services, we at Gassen consider ourselves leadership experts, and we’re here to share our expertise with you. Read on to discover how to hone your leadership skills, and what makes a leader when it comes to serving on the board.

HOA leadership isn’t about control. It’s about community.

True HOA leaders don’t set out to get their way with everything or convert everyone to their way of thinking – though they don’t discount the value of their own opinions either.

A true HOA leader is community-centric; They actively seek out the viewpoints of others so as to do what’s best for their neighborhood. They see their role not as that of a dictator, but as a liaison between the community and its governing rules and policies.

Additional way great HOA leaders serve their neighborhoods:

●        Being fiscally responsible and transparent. Doing so allows open community feedback, thus better fulfilling the linking role great leaders know they must fulfill.

●        Knowing when they can’t do it all. A great many things may get in the way of a leader performing at their best, including inexperience, personal issues, or just having a bad day. HOA leaders know when the community needs them to take a step back and hand the reins to someone else.

●        Embracing feedback, both positive and negative. Part of being community-centric is learning how to judge if you’re being community-centric. In other words, learning to both accept and interpret all kinds of performance reviews. The fact of the matter is that nobody is born a leader, but any HOA management board member can count on their community to help them hone their skills.

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