Ice, slush, sleet – all are a fact of life here in Minnesota. While many of us have learned to cope with the stuff, your HOA neighborhood shouldn’t have to.

Residents moved in for a stress-free, higher standard of living, and while it’s probably outside the realms of reality to have a completely snow-free neighborhood, the very least you can do is manage the stuff. Slick sidewalks create the potential for injury, and slippery streets mean your residents will struggle to get to work in the morning. Neither of those are conducive to high satisfaction levels – and that’s just the start of the havoc an untamed winter will wreak!

As a Minnesotan provider of property management services, we at Gassen have had years to hone our snow-management skills. Whether you’re in need of comprehensive HOA management or merely our online property management services, you’ll find that our tools and assistance can help your neighborhood prepare for and deal with our state’s unpredictable snowfall.

You’ll also find a few extra tips for how to deal with snow and ice from us below!

Don’t Let Snow Dampen Your Community’s Spirits

As a Minnesotan HOA, you’ve probably long had a snow-plow vendor on speed dial, but do you really know what they’re doing for you?

Understanding the contract you have with this provider, right down to the jargon used within it, will help your HOA plan for future snow days. It’ll also let you know what stuff to DIY and what you can rely on your snow-management company for – or show you that it’s time to swap providers.

Additional things to keep in mind as the snow season progresses:

Be Careful With De-icers

While they’re a staple here in Minnesota, watch where you put them. Certain de-icers can degrade the footing beneath them, and others may harm the surrounding environment or your landscaping.

If you and your residents are DIYing parts of your snow management, read the directions to any products you use carefully.

Keep Your Community Informed

Consider online property management services to keep your community informed! Online property management technologies like those provided by Gassen make it easy to inform your residents of upcoming dangerous weather, or to let them know if a particular spot in your neighborhood is threateningly slippery.

Review the Laws

Snow and ice create the potential for injury. Knowing who is responsible for creating a safe walking surface can save your HOA huge amounts of legal trouble. What do your state and local ordinances say?

Contact Gassen for Snow-Savvy Property Management Services

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