The board is the hub of HOA management. From hosting community events to managing amenities, this group of volunteers sure does a lot to keep collective neighborhood standards of living high. They should be respected by the communities that they serve! Without the tireless work of your team, things would be falling apart around here.

However, given current circumstances and excessive workload, your board has recently opted to invest in property management services. While you’re glad that you’ll now have an extra hand around to help run the community, you can’t help but feel a smidgen anxious. Does this mean you’re admitting failure as a board? How will it affect your residents’ attitudes towards you, and thus your chances for reelection?

Certainly, you want what’s best for your community, but you also want the board to continue to remain that community’s steadfast and respectable anchor, the anchor that has let the neighborhood reach the heights it has now. Does hiring outside help affect any of this?

Gassen, a Eden Prairie provider of online property management and accounting property management, has all the answers below.

The Truth About Hiring Outside HOA Management

You’ve got nothing to worry about. Our expertise has proven that, if anything, property management services can boost the governing body’s reputation by creating a neighborhood that everyone, residents and volunteer board members alike, can be proud of.

●        The board can still have responsibilities throughout the neighborhood. And that neighborhood is bound to look a whole lot more put-together once property management services step in. If you don’t want to, it’s not as if you’ll be completely surrendering your responsibilities and admitting defeat; you’re just seeking the help your neighborhood needs to succeed, and that is quite worthy of admiration from a community standpoint.

●        The board can better tackle the tasks it is still responsible for. Planning events? Running meetings? Once your volunteer board offloads some of its responsibilities to competent property management services, you’ll be able to put more effort towards the things you’re already adept at handling (and that you love). Putting your strengths where they matter is quite a smart and commendable way of running things.

●        With your finances in order, your board can make financial decisions that better the community. It’s hard to smartly allocate cash when your finances are running amok, and it’s hard to get those finances in order in the first place! With accounting property management services, your board can make smart choices for the sake of your neighborhood and earn the community’s favor.

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