If you’ve perused any HOA management company’s website whatsoever, you’ll probably have noticed a list of “preferred vendors.” On said list, you’ll find contractors of all sorts, from attorneys to waterproofing services. If you’re not a part of a provider of property management services company, you might be a little confused. What’s with this list? Why do seemingly all property management services providers have it?

Well, the “preferred vendors” list is just as its name implies; It’s a list of preferred companies that the HOA prefers to work with when something in the community needs doing. Your HOA is assured of the high calibur of these companies for a number of reasons. Gassen, a provider of online property management and accounting property management services, details these reasons below.

The Perks of a Preferred Vendors Directory

As a board who works with property management services, your preferred vendors list operates as a directory of professionals that your HOA management business knows produces quality results.

Consider it just a perk of hiring those services! You’ll never need to vet another landscaper, attorney, or contractor of any sort again. Your property management company’s job is to make your board’s life easy, after all!

That directory also gives you access to contractors that your property management company knows to:

●        Be consistently available. Though contractors of all sorts go through busy seasons and dry spells, the contractors on your HO management company’s preferred vendor list have a reputation of being available for work. There’s nothing worse than phone tag, so spare yourself the trouble.

●        Get work done on time. Your HOA has deadlines, and even if they’re determined by uncontrollable factors such as the weather, they’re no less concrete. Contractors recommended by your property management services company have a reputation of adhering to those deadlines come storms or high water.

●        Be pleasant to have around. Community satisfaction is important, and nothing can ruin a resident’s day like an encounter with a grumpy contractor—who that resident could be paying for! Stick with pleasant workers from a preferred vendor list and keep your community content.

Contact Gassen for Top-Notch Property Management Services

Our preferred vendors are the best around—and we’d like to think we, as a HO management company, make quite the difference in HOA neighborhoods, too. To see this difference firsthand, give our Eden Prairie team a call at 952-922-5575. We look forward to serving you and to helping your neighborhood reach its full potential.