Newsletters—who reads them? If you’re like many of us, you subscribe to any number of the things with the full intent of keeping up with the corresponding organization. However, the minute they land in your inbox, you just pass over them. Perhaps you even receive mail from organizations or stores that you never remember even asking to hear from!

When it comes to your HOA, though, newsletters aren’t so insignificant. They’re a vital liaison between the HOA management team and neighborhood residents, connecting the two groups in ways few other forms of communication can. Provided you make your newsletter informative, succinct, and visually appealing, your community will be clamoring to read your monthly installment—as they should!

Below, Gassen, Eden Prairie providers of property management services and online property management, discusses what a great HOA newsletter can do for your community and why your board should undoubtedly make use of one.

HOA Newsletters: Consider Them a Knowledge-Blast

Not everyone attends 100% of all HOA meetings. As much as your board would love to have each and every neighborhood resident using their voice, family or work matters can crop up, in addition to other types of personal emergencies.

Through your HOA’s newsletter, you can inform absentee community members of general goings-on which were discussed in your meetings so they can still use their voices. Your newsletter is like a blast of knowledge that ensures all community members know what’s what!

Newsletters also:

●        Provide you a place to inform residents of upped fees. Don’t spring them on residents without their knowing. It’s just unethical! If fees are going up, your newsletter provides a great avenue to inform everyone far ahead of time.

●        Show that you care about individual members. Being left in the dark is quite demeaning, after all! The distribution of a public newsletter shows that the board believes every community member deserves to know what’s going on; it shows that that board cares not just about the community as a whole, but about individual members too.

●        Increase trust in the board. Slimy, secretive boards have no place in any HO management situation. Your being upfront about any policy changes in a community newsletter available to everyone shows that you have nothing to hide.

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