Are cats allowed in your HOA neighborhood? While countless people find joy in these delightful creatures, felines can be quite destructive. Nobody under HOA management wants to find out that their beloved flowerbed is being used as a litter box for their neighbor’s poorly cared-for cat, or their favorite tree used as a scratching post.

That being said, cats can do wonders for your residents’ emotional health—their presence as therapy animals in many facilities is a testament to this. If your HOA neighborhood chooses to allow cats, though, for this reason, or any, you’ll need to take precautions and set regulations in order to prevent feline fiascos from wreaking havoc on non-cat-owning-neighbors’ lives.

Does it sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. Gassen, as a provider of accounting property management and online property management services, is here to break things down for you so that your neighborhood cats, their owners, and your other residents can all live in harmony.

Cats and HOAs: How to Cater to Everyone’s Comfort

Some people love cats. Some people hate them. You never know what side any given resident will fall on (how easy is it to tell a cat person from a dog person, just by looking at them?), so it’s up to you and your property management services to hold conversations with the community members about your current feline-related policies and pass regulations to keep them working well for everyone.

Though every neighborhood is different, a few potential guidelines you might consider implementing include:

●        Limiting the number of cats a family can have | While one or two cats are manageable, ten or fifteen can cause mass destruction to a home, decreasing the values of neighboring properties.

●        Only allowing indoor cats | This way, everyone’s gardens and landscaping stays happier! As a bonus, so will the local wildlife, as cats of any sort can be quite voracious hunters.

●        Asking to register all neighborhood cats | Though this can be quite the undertaking, it ensures that, should a sneaky kitty dodge out the door, it can be safely and quickly returned to its owners. It also helps you make sure that all residents are following the applicable animal ownership limits your board has imposed.

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