At Gassen, as a provider of property management services, honesty is paramount to what we do. Our company vision is to create trusting, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we simply cannot accomplish this without being to-the-point and truthful.

However, we know that honesty isn’t just important when it comes to HOA management/HOA board relationships; it’s also important when it comes to the board’s interactions with the community. Would you get re-elected if your residents discovered you constantly lied to them, even if your intentions were good? How quickly could the board mobilize and work together as one if even a single member was dishonest? Where would any form of trust come from in this situation?

Even though honesty is important, we all know that sometimes baring your soul and being accountable is easier said than done. Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of online property management and accounting management services, is here to make it a little easier for your HOA with the tips you’ll find below.

An Honest Community Starts With the Board

As a board member, you hold a position of influence and prestige in your community. You have a duty to set a good example for everyone and be as honest and open with your communications as you can. And it isn’t just you; all of the board, from the treasurer to the president, must work together to create an environment in which holding people accountable is encouraged, and being held accountable isn’t something to fear.

●        Own up to your mistakes | All board members make them, especially when first starting out. Discovering you could have done better isn’t easy, but you can make it a little easier on yourself by consulting with property management services and learning how to do better.

●        Practice honesty with tact | Is it really worth it to air personal drama to the entire community inside the weekly newsletter? That is, of course, a rhetorical question: of course not! Honesty is a wonderful policy, but save it for things that actually influence community life as a whole.

●        Answer residents’ questions fully and succinctly | Don’t beat around the bush with complex words to soften your answers’ blows—that isn’t the same as tactful honesty. Sometimes, the truth just needs to be said.

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