In this day and age, it’s not always practical or safe for many people to be in close proximity to one another. While your HOA management understands this, you also understand the importance of regular board meetings. It’s how the community gets stuff done, after all! To reconcile these two truths, you’ve chosen to do virtual board meetings. It’ll be just like the in-person thing, right?

Not quite. While virtual meetings can still be just as productive, adjusting to managing from behind a camera is a little bit of a learning curve. Rest assured, though, that once your community gets on its feet, it’ll feel like second nature, and at Gassen, we’re here to get you there faster. Read on for some tips from a provider of property management services on how to make virtual meetings work for you.

Virtual Board Meetings: What All HO Management Groups Need to Know

First of all, before you hold a single meeting this way: check in with your local laws regarding such proceedings. Many regions have rules in place surrounding the use of technology when it comes to board goings-on, so be sure that you adhere to these laws to a T. No need to land your HOA in legal hot water; times are tough enough as it is! Take a look at your bylaws, too, and make sure previous board members have not shut down your virtual meetings before they even started.

If you get the go-ahead to hold virtual meetings, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

●        Webcams are useful | While there are certainly downsides to using cameras as opposed to just microphones, seeing friendly faces can help community members foster a personal connection with the board.

●        Use your “mute” button courteously | Audio distractions should be kept at a minimum, just as at an in-person meeting. If you need to speak to someone next to you about things not related to the HOA, mute yourself and get that conversation over with as quickly as possible.

●        Familiarize yourself with the technology ahead of time | This ensures that meetings can maintain the professional, businesslike air that helps to get stuff done. While technical difficulties sometimes cannot be avoided, take care to minimize the likelihood of their occurring.

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