Lending the planet a hand is just the right thing to do. After all, the Earth and all its resources make it possible for your HOA management to run the beautiful neighborhood that it does! However, implementing eco-conscious HOA policies sometimes can feel easier said than done. It’s one thing to watch your own consumption and waste disposal habits, for one, but it’s another to watch those of an entire community. Eco-conscious efforts also can get buried under everything else your board has to do, from budgeting to scheduling meetings to collecting homeowner dues.

However, it’s easy-going green with the help of the right property management services. Gassen, as providers of both online property management and accounting property management services, is here to take care of all the day-to-day tasks your board must tackle so that you can get to work making a difference.

Are you ready to implement some environmentally friendly practices in your HOA? Read on for some simple places to start.

Green Vibes and Beautiful HOAs

Aside from it being an ethical thing to do, implementing planet-saving practices has additional benefits. Your residents will feel good knowing they’re making a difference, and your neighborhood is bound to look a whole lot greener. A win-win? We think so!

●        Make sure your waste disposal company offers recycling, zero-landfill, or waste-to-energy initiatives | Making smart use of your HOA’s waste can make a huge impact on your surrounding community and the planet as a whole. Landfills can be more damaging than you think!

●        Provide pollinator-favored plants in your landscaping | Bees and butterflies prefer certain flowers over others, and their pollinating abilities are essential to the growth of many types of greenery. Give these helpful critters a home with some of their showy and vibrant favorites.

●        Consider the chemicals you or your contractors use to maintain lawns | Be critical of them! Do they harm helpful bugs or native plants in any way? What are the long-term implications of using such products? If you discover a given compound is environmentally-destructive, work to find a gentler solution.

Contact Gassen for All Your Property Management Needs

HOA work is hard, but it doesn’t need to be. Our Eden Prairie team would be happy to take care of anything your board needs so that your neighborhood can truly shine. Give us a call now at 952-922-5575. Let’s make a difference together, both in your community and for the planet.