Parking: we all hate having to deal with it. Whether it’s due to faulty meters, a particular parking’s parallel nature, or just a lack of space, leaving one’s car somewhere is often a whole lot more complicated than it appears at first glance. As HOA management, though, it’s your job to create an environment in which your residents hate it a little less, or even enjoy the convenient places your HOA has designated for the purpose. It’s the board’s duty to ensure a high standard of living, after all. If parking is a nightmare, you certainly won’t have happy residents!

Gassen, as an Eden Prairie provider of property management services and accounting property management, is here to help. While managing parking can sometimes seem as stressful as parking a car yourself, below we share some questions you can ask to ensure your HOA’s parking situation is organized and seamless.

Parking and HOAs: Discover the Secret to Happy Residents

Parking is a multifaceted issue; in other words, what creates a great parking environment isn’t just a single factor. When it comes to tackling parking problems and maintaining a quality parking situation in your HOA, we recommend breaking the concept down into the many aspects that comprise it. Thoroughly investigate those aspects with the following inquiries, act accordingly, and watch resident satisfaction soar.

●        Is your parking situation safe? Of course, safety means more than one thing. Residents’ cars must be kept away from potential thieves, sure, but a community parking lot also must be safe to walk and drive in all weather and spacious enough, so vehicles don’t become victimized by door dings.

●        Is your parking situation convenient for residents? We all do the best we can with limited resources and pre-existing infrastructure, but if residents pay high dues, they deserve parking places that cater to them. The easier you can make parking for your neighborhood, the happier everyone will be.

●        How attentively is parking managed or controlled? Does this need to change? Some neighborhoods achieve order by tightly regulating parking with bylaws; others are more lax. Regardless, everyone in the neighborhood should be aware of your parking rules to prevent kerfluffles of any kind.

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