It’s every board member’s worst nightmare: an unhappy community. Regardless of the reason, it can very nearly break your heart and make you feel like you’re a failure like you’ve done a disservice to the community you love so much. However, you’ve discovered this mass dissatisfaction, at least this much is clear! That being said, it’s even a worse situation if you thought everything was going well. If you know you’ve been struggling as a member of HOA management lately, perhaps the blow to your ego would be easier to bear. As it is, your neighborhood is unhappy, you’re left reeling—and you have no idea what you did wrong.

Take a deep breath: there’s almost nothing that can’t be fixed. Gassen, as an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, explains how to both get back on your feet again as an HOA professional and, perhaps, to save some face in the process.

Humility: RX For an Ailing Community

The first step in figuring out what's wrong is to completely ditch your ego. Yes, completely! This means fully admitting to yourself and others that you may have made mistakes, but it also means that you shouldn’t get hung up on them for so long that you furlough moving forward. You’re a board member, but you’re still human. You learn as you go in this challenging industry, and like we said: there’s almost nothing, short of outright malice, that can’t be fixed!

Once you’ve adopted a “ready to move forward” mindset, you can truly proceed as a board member.

●        Ask for feedback to discover where things went off the rails | Remember how we said you’d need to drop your ego? Be ready to hear some poorly worded feedback from your community, especially if it has been a long time coming.

●        Consider offering a public apology | If you find there was a concrete event where you dropped the ball, you could, through online property management services or otherwise, send out an apology for your mistakes. This can help open a constructive dialogue between you and your community.

●        Make a game plan | Don’t just settle for a vague promise to “be a better board member in the future.” Especially if your mistakes have been big ones, you’ll need to create an itemized plan of attack, both to hold yourself accountable and to show your community you’re serious about making amends.

Floundering HOA? Gassen is Here to Help

If your board is so overwhelmed you can’t hold it together, we’re here to help. From accounting property management to more general HO management, we can take care of everything your community could ever imagine. Give us a call now at 952-922-5575.