Has your board ever been jealous of neighboring HOAs? If it has, it’s only natural. HOA management groups everywhere strive day in and day out to make their neighborhoods the best they can be; a little envy is bound to crop up now and again. What does that gorgeous neighborhood a county or so over have that we don’t?

As common as it is, jealousy can mystify even the most competent boards, as it can be such a domineering emotion that it can hinder individuals from making targeted attempts to change their own neighborhoods for the better. While we at Gassen, as Eden Prairie property management services, would love to fix your neighborhood’s specific struggles with a personalized consultation, we also attempt below to answer the question of what makes a great HOA neighborhood.

Great HOAs In a Word: Inclusion

While having large amounts of cash to spend on amenities is great, the secret to an amazing HOA neighborhood in and of itself has nothing to do with it and everything to do with inclusion. After all, fostering community bonds and unity is what HOAs do best. They’re great at bringing neighbors who otherwise wouldn’t have socialized closer together and of creating a feeling of belonging amongst not just some, but all of their members.

This feeling is infectious and readily apparent to anyone who visits this neighborhood; you’ll want to become a community member and feel generally uplifted while you’re there. Even though you’re just a visitor, you still somehow feel at-home and included in things!

In your own HOA neighborhood, you can promote this inclusion by:

●        Embracing differences in perspective | We’re all different, and forcing residents to all think and act the same is a shortcut to the opposite of inclusion: ostracization. So long as their viewpoints aren’t about harming others, consider embracing these perspectives instead of attempting to quash them.

●        Hosting easy-to-attend community events | The events that your HOA hosts should be for everyone who pays dues. Making sure your events are at convenient times and locations and that they are affordable to attend can also go a long way toward making people feel included.

●        Making sure everyone feels heard | Have members who don’t speak up often at community meetings? Encourage them to do so! By making sure everyone feels valued enough to use their voice, you’ll promote an inclusive, community-building environment.

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