Summer is winding down, and social distancing may still be recommended, but that doesn’t mean your HOA can’t find something to celebrate! August is a great time for a good-old-fashioned get-together, with its relatively cooler temperatures and lack of significant holidays. Making time for your residents to bond is a crucial task of smart HOA management. After all, tight neighborhood relationships are part of what makes living in an HOA worth it. Plus, happy residents are bound to be more invested in their community as a whole. They’ll speak up during meetings, volunteer more, and generally contribute to a fuller extent to neighborhood life.

While the current state of affairs might make spending time together hard, Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, is here to help. Below, we’ll suggest a few activities that will help your HOA bond during these tough times.

Rethinking the “Get-Together” May Be Necessary

Because of the current global health situation, your HOA management might need to get creative with social activities. For example, events that might be annual traditions might need to be rethought to ensure public safety. Doing this may be tough, but your HOA can stay close despite it. Check out our blog post on HOAs and social distancing for more tips on how to navigate your community through the Coronavirus.

In terms of social events, though, here are a few which can be adapted to suit your social distancing desires, while also being fun in and of themselves.

●        Trivia nights | These can be done virtually or in-person, and there’s nothing quite like a bit of friendly competition to bring a community closer. You can even curate questions to make it a family affair, pitting youngsters against their parents in a knowledge-based battle for the ages.

●        Track-and-field days | Kids will love this, and there are plenty of low-to-no contact opportunities for fun. For example, races can be run individually, and spectators can situate their chairs to respect others’ spaces. Just remember to stay cool and hydrated!

●        Family picnic dates | If your HOA is lucky enough to have a park, make good use of this outdoor space! Consider planning a picnic night wherein each family brings its own blanket and food. This event could facilitate a communal feeling of togetherness while promoting safe social distancing. Top it off with some stargazing, and your community will have a night to remember!

Gassen is Here to Help Your Community

No matter if your board needs accounting property management or online property management services, we can provide. If your community is struggling, give us a call now at 952-922-5575. We’d be privileged to lend a hand to such a caring HOA board as yours.