Though anyone who has enough passion and drive can work in HOA management, just like in any other field, certain skills will make one more successful in it. After all, volunteering one’s time for the extensive process of running a neighborhood takes a certain special something. But don’t fret—this isn’t to say that that “certain special something” cannot be cultivated! Again, as is similar to other fields, nobody is born with all the skills they need to be great at this occupation. They are fostered and grown over time through educational opportunities, on-the-job experience, and learning from one’s mistakes.

What exactly does it take, though, to succeed as an HOA board member? A while back, we did talk about “what makes a good board member” on our blog, but in it, we focused on internal characteristics and personality traits—things that, while cultivable, likely drew you to the position in the first place. In this entry, we’ll focus more on the additional hard skills of sorts that make a board member great at what they do.

As A Board Member, You Need to Wear Many Hats

Board members take care of everything from online property management to landscape planning to accounting property management. Therefore, the more skills one has accumulated and continuously practiced throughout their life, generally speaking, the better a board member they will be.

Some, but certainly not all, of these skills include

●        How to put together a working budget | Are you in charge of making sure your family spends wisely each month? Such skills with math and spreadsheets can come in handy as a board member. As stated above, the board is in charge of managing the community’s collective funds, so knowing how to keep tabs on this is an integral skill for either the board or the property management services you hire.

●        Familiarity with various computer applications | Communicating with others and running solid board meetings often depends on your knowing how to use the latest tech that facilitates them. The more comfortable and quick you are with it, the easier your job becomes.

●        Error-free typing | Yes, typing! As a board member, you’re most likely going to be doing a lot of electronic communication if you don’t hire property management services to do it for you. The quicker and cleaner you can type, the more efficient and professional you’ll be as a board member.

Struggling Board? Gassen Would be Happy to Help

As an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, we know that being on a board is not as easy as it looks. We’d be more than thrilled to provide your community with the resources it needs to succeed. Give us a call now at 952-922-5575.