The mark of a truly great HOA management team is that it constantly seeks to improve. No matter how high-quality property management services your team provides, striving to always do better ensure you create a strong community for your residents and that your property values remain as high as they can.

While your HOA board might know to put a little more effort into areas, it’s historically struggled with—and many boards, without the assistance of property management services, will have them—what can your board do if everything is, all things considered, working alright? You want to improve on how your neighborhood operates, as certain things can always run more smoothly, but you don’t want to mess up all the hard work you’ve done to get to this point, where day-to-day affairs are at least manageable.

Gassen is here to help you be the best board you can be. Whether your HOA management team knows its problem areas or is completely unsure of where to begin, read on for some tips on how to strive day-in-and-day-out to learn and grow as a board.

Seeking Community Feedback is Crucial

Who better to declare the quality of governance than the governed themselves? In other words, your community is a great resource for determining how your board is doing, because what your board is doing directly affects them. Consider encouraging members to speak up during meetings, or provide a periodic survey via online property management services to gauge how well you are serving the community.

To become the best version of itself, your board must also:

●        Mind its pride | No board is perfect. Ironically, one of the first steps to becoming closer to perfection is letting go of the idea that you’re already there. To become better at its job, the board must understand this and acknowledge feedback (yes, even the negative kind) as an opportunity to improve. Feedback—especially if it’s explicitly sought—is generally not an attack. 

●        Research | Keeping abreast of everything from accounting property management trends to local real estate pricings allows your board to make smart, agile decisions about your community while also building its knowledge base, allowing you to make more informed choices in the future.

●        See the benefits that come from your mistakes | Mistakes, like feedback, are opportunities for growth. Should your board fumble, take the fall gracefully and use it as a lesson learned.

Contact Gassen for Experienced HOA Help

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