Technology doesn’t come naturally to everybody! As much as it can improve lives and make difficult things easy, it also can render complicated things that used to be simple and create headaches where once none existed. This line of thinking applies to tech of all sorts, of course, but it applies doubly to online property management services. Residents need a straightforward way to pay their HOA dues, and HOA management needs a simple way to collect them. Both parties also need an easy way to keep in contact with community events. While great technology can facilitate these, it’s worse than useless if nobody understands how it works!

As an HOA board, it’s a good idea to ensure your residents know how to use any applicable online property management services—how else would you get the money you need and keep your neighborhood running? If educating an entire neighborhood on a platform you yourself have just learned seems daunting, don’t fret; Gassen is here to help. As a provider of property management services, we’ve integrated technology with a great many HOA management programs—to phenomenal results.

When it Comes to Tech, Quality Matters

Of course, quality matters in everything, but it’s especially important when it comes to online property management. You’re investing in this because you want your life and your residents’ lives to be easier, yes? You must pay for a high-quality program, which is, by nature, innovative and nearly bug-free. This will make learning to use technology so much easier. This is not the place to skimp on spending!

Your residents, when it comes to learning new tech, might also appreciate:

●        Some wiggle room on payments during the transition period | Don’t use this time as an opportunity to pounce on residents who genuinely could not figure out the new technology with which to pay you. Instead, work through the problem together to ensure you don’t receive overdue payments in the future. There’s a big difference between a habitually late payer and somebody who is simply confused.

●        A meeting in which the new tech is discussed | You can create slideshows and hold talks, demonstrating step-by-step how to use each of the new program’s features.

●        Your entertaining and answering questions | Remember, it’s in your best interests, from both a financial and community-building standpoint, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Gassen Offers High-Quality Online Property Management Services

In addition to our accounting property management services and the like, we offer online technology that’s versatile and easy-to-use. For more information, contact our Eden Prairie office today at 952-922-5575.