Welcoming the changing leaves, the cooler temperatures, kids going back to school is great until you have to rake all those leaves, learn that your furnace isn’t working, and become too busy with school activities to do anything.

As a board member for an HOA, you have even more responsibilities for your residents. Let our property management team at Gassen help you prepare your community for fall more easily with these reminders.

Landscape Maintenance

Fall is an important season for making landscape changes and preparing lawns, trees, and plants for winter and the next spring. Call your landscaping company or start looking for good vendors now to switch out your summer plants for hardier fall vegetation and to begin the seemingly endless process of leaf removal.

Have your landscapers trim back trees and remove dead limbs to ensure the health of the trees for future seasons. Trimming trees before winter is also important because heavy snows can break branches causing property damage and safety concerns.

Fall is also the best time of year for lawn fertilizing and aerating. For communities that have a lot of green space, ask your landscapers to fertilize, aerate, and prep your lawns for a healthier spring growing season next year.

Pool Closing

For communities with outdoor pools, plan your exact pool closing date, and make it a special occasion for your residents. Throw a pool party and make sure everyone knows it’s happening so that no one will be surprised when the pool closes.

Schedule a pool service provider or winterize your community pool yourself. Either way it is vital for the safety and longevity of your pool to have it winterized now.

Building Maintenance

As fall really kicks into gear, make sure your buildings are fully prepared and ready for cold weather. Call your contractor or contact Gassen’s maintenance division to have these areas checked.

●        Roof inspection: catch leaks or roofing problems before they cause big problems. If you didn’t have your roof inspected in the spring, it’s especially important that you do it now.

●        Window & door sealing: have your maintenance team or contractor check for leaks in windows and doors and make sealing repairs as needed.

●        Furnace checks: test your furnaces and ask residents to test theirs, too, and repair or replace them as needed before an emergency situation occurs in the middle of winter.

●        Leaf removal from gutters: get your gutters cleaned once the leaves have fallen or replace your gutters to avoid drainage problems around your property.

End of Year Finances

It’s never too soon to double check the numbers and make sure your community is where you want to be financially. Fall is the perfect time to finalize the year’s finances and to start preparing the budget for the following year.

If you notice discrepancies or want assistance with your finances as you go through them, don’t hesitate to contact an HOA financial specialist to clearly and accurately account for your money and help you plan for the future.

Holiday Decoration Rules

Remind your residents of any regulations or guidelines your community has when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Clearly defining those rules before people start decorating prevents questions, misunderstandings, and issues throughout the season.

Gassen Provides Tailored HOA Assistance

We’re here to bring excellence to your neighborhood and ease the anxieties of HOA boards everywhere while we’re at it. Contact our Eden Prairie office or call us at 952-922-5575 for assistance.