Though the current global health circumstances are certainly stressful, time stops for nobody. Your HOA must be prepared for the fall season (even if said fall season is an unconventional one, thanks to the Coronavirus). This means financial planning, landscaping, coming up with potential event ideas—all the things that HOA management historically has taken on to keep your community looking good and feeling great. Easier said than done, or so you might think. How are you to plan for things when the future is so uncertain right now? You might be so focused on holding community life together at the moment that working ahead seems impossible.

Rest assured that it isn’t because Gassen is here to help. As a provider of property management services, we know that learning to plan in uncertain circumstances is a valuable skill for all HOAs to attain, and it comes in handy in more times than during a pandemic. Below, we’ll talk about how your board can begin planning for the next season, even if you don’t know exactly what that season will bring.

Start with What You Do Know

Regardless of how things shape up, your HOA will need the basics: accounting property management, community building repairs, and board meetings. Those are non-negotiable. As the first course of action, set about planning for things you know that will happen without a shred of doubt or will need to happen in the near future, whether it’s virtual or physical. This will give your board a sense of mastery and control and encourage them to hold steady in the face of uncertainty.

But what about things that aren’t so easy to plan given current circumstances, such as community events?

●        Remain as flexible as you can | Have virtual backup plans for neighborhood events available, and keep your community updated via online property management applications as the global health situation shifts. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a fine line between being flexible and being wishy-washy. The former promotes togetherness, while the latter creates stress.

●        Speak to potential vendors and contractors now | If you’re worried about whether or not you’ll be able to, say, host your annual volunteer tree-trimming day, get in touch with a backup contractor just in case. It’s easy to think your board is swimming against the current given global circumstances, but other entities and organizations will most likely be willing to work with you.

●        Reach out for help if needed | Smart accounting property management companies, like Gassen, can take on some of the guesswork for you. There’s no shame in calling in help. After all, current times are unprecedented.

Gassen Provides Tailored HOA Assistance

We’re here to bring excellence to your neighborhood and ease the anxieties of HOA boards everywhere while we’re at it. Give our Eden PRairie office a call now at 952-922-5575 for help.