Though some form of quarantine for many is necessary to protect themselves and the health of the general public, keeping isolated is a challenge for many HOAs. These communities tend to be focused on forging tight public bonds and hold in the high value and togetherness that community brings. It’s difficult to foster that coveted feeling of neighborhood closeness when meeting in large groups is ill-advised, even if your HOA management is tech-savvy and forward-thinking. Sometimes virtual meetings through apps just aren’t enough. After all, nothing can replace face-to-face contact.

In these unprecedented times, Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, is ready to help. We’ve been in the business of bringing HOAs together for years, and we’re here to share our expertise with any community in need. Below, we’ll suggest some concrete steps your board can take to keep your residents feeling connected, even if, physically, they remain apart.

Look Forward to the Future

Though we by no means say you should ignore the stresses of the present, reminding your community that things won’t always be this way can help individual families endure isolation. Consider sending out a letter, through online property management applications or otherwise, reminiscing over the good times your community has had and reminding them that, in the future, these times can and will happen again.

Other supportive and inclusive things your board can do include:

●        Providing a list of helpful organizations and resources | It’s fairly common to feel overwhelmed in the wake of a global pandemic; some people might not know where to turn to for anything from counseling to instructions on how to make DIY masks. It takes a short time for the board to compile internet resources on appropriate topics and an even shorter time to distribute them. Doing so can encourage your community to stay healthy and shows that you, as a board care, which are necessary precursors for that lovely feeling of togetherness.

●        Scheduling events for when things blow over | Doing so can encourage your community to hold a positive image of the neighborhood’s social future in their minds, which encourages connectedness in the present.

●        Seeking personal contact | Reach out to struggling residents individually. Your organization serves as the prime facilitator of community bonds, but you need to do your part to show you care about individuals, too, as residents won’t contribute to the community if they don’t feel valued.

Contact Gassen for Personalized HOA Help

Just as we suggest you do with residents, we’re here to work with you individually and provide tailored property management services. No matter if you need accounting property management or more general assistance, give us a call now at 952-922-5575.