HOAs are put in place in a neighborhood to create a community with a high standard of living; it’s unarguable. What’s also unarguable is the need for sanitation practices in such a neighborhood, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus. Poor cleanliness in community amenities and the streets alike creates the perfect environment for germs of all sorts to grow, and a sick neighborhood is certainly not a happy one. Moreover, it’s a bit hard to feel satisfied living in a place that’s unsanitary.

As HOA management, it’s your responsibility to keep your neighborhood clean—and, therefore, your residents happy—but when you’ve got so much on your plate already, from running meetings to collecting fees, how are you to even begin? Making sure that every square foot of your community holds up to sanitation standards is a big job, and you probably don’t have the time to patrol the streets ensuring this.

However, with the proper organizational skills, resources for your residents, and the help of the right property management services, keeping the neighborhood clean becomes easy. Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of online property management and accounting property management, explains the ins and outs of neighborhood sanitation below.

Make “Clean” Your Routine

The best way to ensure a neighborhood stays clean is to make a habit of it, just like you would with your home or office. Waiting to act until things get disgusting is a great way to inspire resentment toward the board, as well as frustrate residents. For example, schedule seasonal cleanup days instead of yearly ones, and nip cleanliness problems in the bud before they spiral out of control.

To be routinely and proactive, though, your neighborhood needs to have the resources to do so. These include:

●        Plentiful trash cans | If you’re having problems with litter in community areas, ask yourself if residents have enough accessible trash cans. Though your neighbors should be holding onto their trash until they find one, it never hurts to make things easier for them.

●        A responsible trash company | Leaving full garbage bins on the curb for too long makes your neighborhood a buffet line for raccoons and stray cats, and these animals certainly have an affinity for messes. Make sure your trash pickup is punctual!

●        Great property management services | If you’re struggling, bringing in outside help might just be the best option. You owe your residents a clean living space, at the very least.

Need Help Keeping Clean? Gassen is Here to Provide

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