Whether or not social distancing guidelines are still in effect for your state, spring is the perfect time for a friendly gathering—virtual or otherwise. This is especially true for HOA neighborhoods. When you live in such a tight-knit community, it’s hard not to want to get together and celebrate as the Minnesota weather warms. HOA management across the state is probably busy scheming up clever and sanitary ways to keep community bonds strong during these stressful, turbulent times.

However, that same management has the responsibility to make these gatherings safe and rule-abiding for everyone. To give one example, in the wake of a global pandemic, cleanliness and sanitation are crucial. You also don’t want things getting so loud that they negatively impact other, non-participating community members, to give another. There’s a lot to set regulations about if you work in HOA management! To make things even more complicated, though, nobody likes a party pooper, especially if that person carries significant authority. Setting too many rules as a board about how spring gatherings should go can frustrate and demoralize your residents, who simply want to have a good time. Talk about decreasing resident satisfaction!

Regulating spring gatherings can be tough, but Gassen, as Eden Prairie providers of property management services, has some tips below.

Communicate and Be Fair

As the spring season rolls around, review what your CC&Rs already say about gatherings. Send out a friendly, non-confrontational reminder of these rules, via online property management programs or otherwise. Your HOA should have been working to keep these updated and effective throughout the years, so you should already have the framework for a safe and fun spring season.

Keep in mind, though:

●        Your HOA cannot selectively enforce rules | What goes for one person’s gathering must go for the rest of the community’s — even yours. It’s only just. Selective rule enforcing on the part of HOAs is also, in fact, illegal in some jurisdictions, so play fair.

●        The CC&Rs should be your guidebook | An infraction must be that: an infraction. Just because you, as a board, don’t like someone's behavior doesn’t mean it constitutes a rule breakage. Use the CC&Rs and adhere to them.

●        You’re allowed to have a good time, too | Just because you work on the board doesn’t mean you’re exempt from community bashes. Join in and feel the good vibes your organization has worked so hard to foster! If you’re worried about stuff not getting done, maybe it’s time to invest in property management services so you can take some well-deserved time off.

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