There’s a stereotype about HOA management that many boards are aware of: that HOAs are tyrannical, rule-obsessed organizations with little actual regard for residents’ wellbeing or satisfaction. As a provider of property management services ourselves, we’ve previously discussed why this line of thinking is absolutely that: a stereotype that holds little basis in the reality of many HOAs. If your board is striving to run things selflessly, you can rest assured that you’re doing all you can to make your neighbors’ lives in your community the best they can be.

That said, though, HOA management positions are often fraught with tough ethical decisions. Even when you have only the best interests of the community at heart, as a selfless and ethical HOA board member tends to, it can be difficult to decide how to express those interests. For example, do you put the neighborhood’s extra money towards pool renovations, or do you put it away in the emergency fund? And how often is too often to nag that one neighbor to pay their late dues?

Running an ethical HOA is never simple, but Gassen, a provider of online property management and accounting property management, is here to help. Below you’ll find some tips on navigating tricky ethical situations.

First Thing’s First: Avoid Excessive Self-Blame

As we said earlier, working in HOA management can be a tough job, and even if you’re trying your hardest to make the best decisions for your neighborhood, ethical mistakes can happen. Accept fault graciously (if there truly is a fault to be had), acknowledge that you were acting in as selfless of a manner as you could, and then set about trying to make things right. Getting stuck in a pity party is absolutely unacceptable when there's work to be done.

On the subject of navigating messy situations in the first place, though, ask yourself the following:

●        Will the decision I’m making benefit the largest number of people possible? Though, in some cases, it can be impossible to please everyone, working toward doing so is a crucial part of ethical HOA management.

●        Will the decision I’m making minimize harm to others? As ethical HOA management, you never want to outright harm residents of your neighborhood. If your decision will cause serious emotional or physical hurt, it’s best to reconsider.

●        Do I feel guilty about making this decision? Guilt can be an indicator that you’re not morally satisfied with your decision, or that a more nuanced and balanced one can be reached.

Let Gassen be Your Partner in Ethical HO Management

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