As the birds begin to sing again and the snow begins to melt, it’s time for your neighborhood to shake off the dust of winter and stride confidently into the warmer months. Spring has sprung! Warmer outdoor weather makes the perfect backdrop for community bonding experiences. Take if from Gassen, a provider of property management services. You might not even need to take it from us, though—can’t you just taste that feeling of potential and openness spring weather brings with it?

Helping your community bond isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. Your residents’ experiences must be organic, as relationships cannot be forced, but they also must create opportunities for those organic bonds to happen. Building community might seem impossibly tricky at times, but Gassen, as a provider of HOA management, is here to help. Below we’ll discuss a few spring event ideas that have the power to create those authentic friendships within your community that make up the best HOA neighborhoods.

Events Must be Fun

It seems like common sense, doesn’t it? Generally speaking, in order for positive relationships to form, your HOA event must be fun for residents. Community love and pride are best created in a lighthearted, recreational environment. This doesn’t mean you cannot ask for volunteer help from your residents in the spring by any means! It just means that you must take care to inspire a fun-filled environment for them.

Some events that naturally inspire this vibe are as follows:

●        Community cookouts | Especially in Minnesota, grillers everywhere take the spring weather as a sign to start up their craft once more. Take advantage of this and hold a streetside barbeque that the whole neighborhood can attend, with proper safety precautions, of course. There’s nothing quite like bonding over a home-cooked meal.

●        Community dog-walks | Do you have a community with a bunch of well-behaved dogs? Inviting everyone to join up for a designated dog-walking route is an affordable and effective way to bring people and their pets together.

●        Community flower-planting days | Even the youngest children can help with this one, and they do enjoy playing in the dirt. Plus, if you’ve got landscaping to do, making a fun event out of it definitely cuts down on the cost, and the pops of colors the flowers lend to the atmosphere make it fun!

Need Help Organizing Your Event? Gassen is Here to Help

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