With the sunlight finally beginning to feel warm again, the unmistakable feeling of spring has entered the air. For some people, this can mean a sudden itch to get outdoors. While for others, it can mean a need to relax, and while for others, a fierce drive to start spring cleaning! There’s a reason why the term has stuck around in our language as long as it has. There’s something about warming weather that can make you want to dust off, declutter, and start completely anew. Why not adopt this line of thinking for your HOA?


HOA management often cannot enter HOA units without just cause, as governed by the neighborhood’s bylaws or state regulations. This doesn’t mean, though, that your community can’t organize cleaning events that focus on your homes’ and buildings’ exteriors! Harness the energy that spring so often brings with it and walk into the warmer months with a sparkling clean neighborhood that all residents can be proud of.


Of course, this can be easier said than done. Luckily, Gassen, an Eden Prairie Provider of property management services, has some tips below.

Make Cleaning Lighthearted, Fun, and Positive

It’s important to remember that, when it comes to volunteer work and your HOA, the board should not force or obligate residents to participate. While it’s certainly a great bonding exercise to do so, coerced labor of any type is bound to inspire resentment amongst your community members. Nobody likes to be made to do things. In addition, some residents might not be physically able to participate, or time constraints might stand in the way. These people should not be made to feel bad for something outside of their control.


Rest assured, though, that if you keep your “spring cleaning” events cheery and walk into them with reasonable expectations, you’ll have residents flocking to participate.


●        Consider a team landscaping day | After a long winter, your community amenities probably could use some sprucing up. Get the neighborhood together and start raking up sticks and twigs surrounding your public buildings.

●        Could your buildings use a scrub-down | Mold, as strange as it sounds, can still grow on buildings in the winter months. Scrubbing your structures down as soon as the temperatures allow can leave your community amenities shining.

●        Do your yards need tending to? | Scheduling a community day for such a grueling task can make it much more rewarding and easier to handle.

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