Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota! While it can be tempting to kick back in the sun and absorb some much-needed warmth after a long, cold winter, good HOA management knows better. Chances are, if you’ve hired property management services to work with your neighborhood, they’ll be hard at work landscaping, planning, and checking over community amenities to make sure the snow and cold haven’t done too much damage. It’s a multifaceted and demanding job, but somebody has to do it, and with the help of accounting property management and online property management from a reputable company like Gassen, your board and HOA management company can tackle anything spring maintenance throws at them.


But what about what comes after spring—summer? It’s easy for even the most experienced boards to get wrapped up in such extensive spring work that they forget to plan for summer. While we understand that spring maintenance is crucial to a functioning HOA, it’s also important that your board and property management services stay on top of planning for the hotter months, lest your neighborhood enters the sweltering heat unprepared.


Below, Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, explains what your board and HOA management company should be doing to stay ahead of the summer season.

You’ll Hardly Ever Be Working Too Far Ahead

With the exception of certain time-sensitive activities, such as landscaping and planting, very few HOA maintenance procedures can be performed “too early.” While you’ve got the neighborhood in the cleaning and maintaining spirit, it never hurts to start tackling summer preparation tasks too. The hot months and the storm season are hard enough as it is. Top-notch preparation is key for your HOA to come out of them strong.


What should your neighborhood be doing this spring to prepare for summer?


●        Get moving on pool maintenance | If your neighborhood has a pool, your board should strive to get it up and running as soon as possible. Not only will this provide your residents with a place to cool off on unusually warm spring days, but it will inform you of any repairs you’ll need to make far before summer rolls around and its usage spikes.

●        Start planning big summer bashes | Large community events take a huge amount of preparation. Start planning them early so that nothing gets away from you!

●        Consider if you’ll put new rules into effect come summer | If the neighborhood bylaws might change, many residents might appreciate a few months’ worth of a heads up.

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