When it comes to property management services, good HOA management can be hard to spot without the proper industry-related context. In other words, if you don’t have a knowledge of what’s considered normal in the industry and what isn’t, you might not know when your property management services are going above and beyond. Unfortunately, this line of thinking also applies to poor property management services. If you don’t know how your online property management or accounting property management services should be behaving, you might let a lot of unacceptable behaviors slide.


At Gassen, we’re devoted to bringing the highest quality HOA management to our customers; we spare no effort to go above and beyond what one might expect of a typical property management company. This is exactly why we know how to spot poor property management, as we strive to be the exact opposite.


Below, for the sake of our clients and anyone who works with property management services, we’ll explain how to spot poor property management, as well as the damage, said property management could do to your neighborhood.

Your Property Management Company Should be a Pleasure To Work With

You pay these people for a reason: to increase the standard of living in your neighborhood. If your HOA management company is unpleasant to work with, they certainly aren’t serving their purpose! Indeed, the largest indicator that your property management services aren’t up to par is that they aren’t making your neighborhood a happy, highly valued place to live. Certain behaviors that indicate this include:


●        Poor dispute resolution skills | As in any neighborhood, arguments between neighbors can happen in HOA neighborhoods. Your HOA management company should take care of these disputes right away before they spiral into something worse.

●        Taking a sense of ownership over the neighborhood | At the end of the day, the HOA  neighborhood belongs to its residents. While a provider of property management services can have the valuable experience and the keen insight into what might boost property values and increase resident happiness, that company should ultimately respect the wishes of the board and neighborhood residents.

●        Any remote sign of disrespect | If you don’t feel respected, valued, and listened to when it comes to your property management services, ditch them. You and your neighborhood deserve better, and our team at Gassen would be happy to provide it.

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