Unification is just another thing that HOA’s do well. From their well-balanced street aesthetics to their devoted communities, these types of neighborhoods are well-known for the high standard of living invoked by their pursuit of order and harmony.


However, running a unified neighborhood is no cakewalk! Achieving a unified neighborhood, on both an aesthetic and social level, requires HOA management to motivate all individuals in the community to work toward the same common goal. Sure, it’s the same thing required of happy families and successful corporate businesses, but that doesn’t make it any easier! How is HOA management to direct an entire neighborhood of individuals with diverse opinions toward the collective betterment of their community?


Gassen, as an Eden Prairie property management company, is here to help. While the answer to this question depends on your neighborhood’s unique situation, we’ll discuss some techniques good HOA management can use to direct a community toward harmony.

You Cannot Force Your Community to Think a Certain Way

As strange as it sounds for us to speak this way in a blog about unification, your HOA will probably never be perfectly unified in terms of resident opinions. You must accept that, most likely, not everyone will think the same way, and while the board may be able to provide their rationale for any given decision, it cannot force a resident to change his or her opinion on something. The key to harmonious HOAs is in acknowledging this and validating differing frames of mind without compromising the common goal of the organization, which is to keep the community in harmony.


Sound difficult? It can be. Some good first steps to take are:


●        Don’t be afraid to compromise | If your community is split 50-50 on a given issue, as a board, compromise can be your best option. Work to devise a plan that satisfies all parties involved. Remember that problems are not always black and white in terms of solutions.

●        Listen when your community speaks | If the HOA board thinks one way, but the community thinks another, it is the board’s duty to at least hear the community out. The board’s express purpose is to serve the community, and it cannot possibly carry out this purpose if it shuts the community out.

●        Make use of online property management services and accounting property management | To prevent petty scuffles over dues and fines, consider investing in online property management services. Likewise, smart accounting property management services can give you the data you need to make smart financial decisions and keep your residents happy.

In Need of Property Management Services? Gassen is Here to Help

It’s not easy to run a unified HOA. There’s no shame in asking for a bit of help. For assistance with any of your property management needs, give Gassen a call now at 952-922-5575.