If you’re thinking about starting an HOA in your neighborhood, we offer you our congratulations! We at Gassen, as an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, want to welcome you to a higher standard of living. From maintaining property values to bringing the community closer together, good HOA management helps to create happiness and harmony in neighborhoods everywhere.


However, as much as you’ve researched the proper way to form an HOA, from both the legal and social standpoint, you still might have some doubts about how this organization will affect your neighbors’ way of life. Maybe you still hang onto some wrongful stereotypes about HOAs—that they’re tyrannical and unfair, or that they stifle every expression of individuality. If you do, you might want to check out our blog entry that refutes these lines of thinking.


Regardless, we at Gassen are here to tell you one thing: a well-run HOA neighborhood is a great place to live—for everyone involved. We will explain why below.

HOAs Give the Community a Voice

HOAs are run by a board, or with the help of property management services. A well-run HOA exists solely for the benefit of its community, not to serve any ulterior motives board members may have. By holding regular meetings and passing only neighborhood-approved regulations and decisions, good HOAs will give all residents a greater say in how their community operates. They’re a great way to make sure those who felt previously unheard have a chance to use their voices. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?


Some other universally appreciated aspects of HOAs include:


●        Investment protection | Through the maintenance of a given neighborhood “look” and the providing of community amenities, HOAs help to ensure that your home value stays high. Who wouldn’t appreciate the protection of what’s often the most expensive investment you will ever make?

●        Socialization opportunities | Well-run HOAs, which are often those who use online property management services, will plan community events designed to foster neighborly bonds. Who wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to participate at one’s discretion?

●        A clean, well-maintained place to live | HOA fees can be used for anything from neighborhood maintenance projects to the construction of community parks. What could be better than such a well-kept and opportunity-filled environment?


Gassen is Here to Help Your HOA

As amazing as HOAs are, they’re not easy to run by any means. Should your organization find itself needing anything from general HO management to accounting property management, Gassen is ready to provide. Give our Eden Prairie location a call at 952-922-5575.