We’ve all heard the phrase “there is no I in team.” This idea, to some degree, does apply to HOA management boards. While we here at Gassen believe that board members as individuals make a huge impact on their communities, it’s the function of the board as a team that really makes HOA neighborhoods shine.


A while back on our blog, we talked a bit about what makes a great individual board member, but we’d like to dedicate a bit of time to discuss what a great HOA board looks like. Though this can depend on the individual neighborhood managed, of course, there are a few overarching characteristics indicative of a well-oiled, shrewd, and hardworking board. We discuss these characteristics below.

Compassion is Key

In the past, we’ve also noted that compassion is key for all HOAs, and this ideology also holds true for boards. Serving in this sort of position requires a deep ability to care about other people on an individual level, but it also requires that the HOA board as a whole maintains this characteristic.


This, of course, can look different depending on the situation and neighborhood, but a compassionate board will often:


●        Resolve conflict among members professionally. Professionalism and compassion intersect frequently on boards. As when any group of people get together, there are bound to be disagreements. Good HOA boards will resolve these disagreements among themselves peacefully, and they will also use these skills to maintain neighborhood social harmony.

●        Be on top of things. Of course, we’re all human, and we all make mistakes. However, generally speaking, good HOA management will always be working ahead of schedule. They will send out notifications of events through online property management software, for example. Compassion also extends to respecting residents' busy schedules.

●        Be willing to ask for help. Good HOA management always puts the neighborhood first and works hard to manage everything. Proper pride should be taken in this. However, that same HOA management is compassionate more than prideful; they know when it’s time to bring in the help of a property management company for the sake of the neighborhood’s wellbeing.

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