If you’ve viewed our website, you may have noticed how important The Gassen Difference is to us. The way we run things is slightly different from many HOA management companies.

Our being different is a good thing because it enables us to provide one-of-a-kind, individualized service, while also setting us apart in the industry and giving us the tools we need to help your neighborhood shine.

Curious about what sets Gassen apart? See what we can do for your association that other HOA management companies can’t!


Having served Minnesota families since 1969, our vast experience in the HOA management industry has allowed us to grow as a company and to branch into other forms of service that provide more for you, like creating a dependable construction management company readily available to help your community rebuild after a storm or renovate amenities. 

We pride ourselves on our hard-earned knowledge of the HOA industry, and we stand by our firm respect for the individuality of each HOA and making neighborhoods the best they can be.

Personalized Service

Our guarantee to you is a partnership. Our team gets to know you and your residents, your goals for your neighborhood, your needs and ideals, and the culture of your community. We work with you to find solutions for every management problem and provide you with tools and resources to accomplish your goals.

Our relationship-based philosophy tailors our services to fit your needs whether that means in accounting and financial services, association mediation, maintenance and construction management, and more.


Organizing and managing your HOA in the 21st century should be an easy task, and with the right technology it can be. Our team continually creates innovative solutions that you can integrate into your HOA management, whether you want to self-manage your community or work with a representative.

Connect with your residents and allow them a platform to reach out to you on our HOA Assist online portal, a customizable software designed for easy communication. Or quickly access financial documents, monthly reports, and more with our HOA financial reporting software.


How can we build client relationships without following through on our word? At Gassen, commitment is paramount to what we do. We promise to dedicate ourselves to whatever challenge we face together with your HOA, and we promise to stick with it until a resolution is reached.

Our clients trust us with the financial and emotional well-being of their neighborhoods, and we don’t take that lightly.

Ethical Behavior

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but at Gassen, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our mission is centered around building relationships with our clients, and we simply cannot do this without behaving in an ethical fashion. No matter what situation you call us in to handle, we’ll always act with the best interests of the homeowner at heart.

Let Us Bring Excellence to Where You Live

Gassen manages countless HOAs around the Twin Cities, and we’d be thrilled to add yours to that list. Connect with us online or give us a call at 952-922-5575.