Welcome to 2020! Doesn’t it feel strange to be on the other side of a decade? While it may feel a little weird, now is the perfect time to set goals—New Year’s Resolutions, of sorts—for the upcoming year for your HOA, be them long or short-term. As HOA management, we must all constantly strive to be better and to bring the best service we can to the homeowners and communities that support us, and whom we support in turn.


Boards and property management services alike can make goals to better themselves, of course. However, as a provider of property management services ourselves, we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about how we can help your board reach its New Year’s Resolutions.

Let’s Team Up and Accomplish More Together

We all know that even the most difficult tasks become feasible, if not enjoyable, with a partner to help. Gassen, as providers of online property management services and accounting property management services, would be thrilled to be that partner to your board. Let’s unite our passion for great neighborhoods and, together, we can push your neighborhood to new heights.


●        Consult with an experienced HOA professional. Our company has been in business since 1969; there’s almost nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to HOA management. If one of your board’s goals is to be better for the neighborhood this year, you’d be wise to consult with old hands in the business.

●        Reap the higher resident satisfaction levels property management services can bring. If you’re looking to make your residents happier this year, property management services can help with that. At Gassen, we pride ourselves on our getting to know each HOA as an individual unit and implementing personalized action plans for optimal success. In other words, we get to know your HOA first, then set you up with staff and game plan that works for you. This approach lets us bring your residents exactly what they desire out of your specific HOA board and management practices, which can make satisfaction soar.

●        Accounting property management can help with your financial goals. Need help budgeting? Accounting property management can help your HOA reach its financial goals this year, like filing more accurate taxes to encourage a higher degree of resident accountability. Money can get confusing, but accurate knowledge of your HOA’s financial state is vital to getting where you want to be, economically speaking.

Gassen is Here to Help Your HOA Succeed

Your success is what drives our business, and we’d be privileged to be a part of your board’s goal-achieving this year. Give us a call today at 952-922-5575.