In last month’s blog, we talked in a fair bit of depth regarding preparing your HOA neighborhood for spring landscaping. While we stand by the importance of this topic, it’s not the only thing your HOA will need to prepare for in the coming months. Exterior maintenance of community amenities and homes also should be a priority for your Minnesota HOA neighborhood. Winters are hard on buildings; if left unchecked, damage wrought by the snow and ice can lead to anything from moisture damage to mold infestation.


Of course, “exterior maintenance” is such a broad, vague term. What does it even mean? Gassen, a provider of everything from property management services to accounting property management, breaks it down below.

Take Care of Your Buildings and They’ll Take Care of You

Exterior maintenance can be loosely defined as upkeeping your buildings’ direct exteriors, be those buildings public or private. Siding, roofing, and gutters all need to be checked and rechecked as the harsh winter progresses to make sure they’re still structurally sound enough to serve their proper purpose come spring.


It’s often difficult for many contractors to run repairs during the winter season, but sound HOA management will take steps to make sure those repairs can happen in the spring. These include:


●        Setting up appointments with contractors now. As the ground thaws and the weather warms, workdays can get busier for many contractors who serve HOAs. With countless neighborhoods clamoring for spring maintenance, it can be difficult for your HOA to find a spot! Get ahold of any contractors you think you might need now, before schedules fill up and you’re left high and dry. You can always cancel later on if need be.

●        Keeping a running list of repairs. Though it might get discouraging to look at, keeping a running list of what repairs your HOA will need come spring is the best way to make sure all those repairs get done. It can help to list the proper contractor underneath each repair need, combined with any applicable appointment dates.

●        Asking for help when you need it. Sometimes it just isn’t financially feasible to fix up every resident’s home in the spring. Asking for volunteer labor is perfectly acceptable, and it can even bring HOA members closer together! Just make sure to schedule any deadlines months in advance via online property management services. However, some repairs, such as roofing, are still better left to the professionals.

Need Help With Planning for Spring? Gassen is Here to Serve

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