HOAs have changed significantly in the past decade: One of the most significant changes for owners and tenants has been not in how property is managed, but in how far technology has come. Today it's not enough for a homeowners association to have a basic web page with contact information. A truly "online" HOA offers a rich variety of tools and features to make life better for you. With Gassen, you have access to digital advantages like these:


Online Payments

There's not really an excuse for property management systems to not offer online payments in today's digital world. Homeowners should have the ability to log into their own section of a website and manage a variety of tasks (which we'll talk about) but the most important is surely online payment of fees. Homeowners with this option can set up immediate, recurring payments and safely management their dues without wasting time, paper or energy. Payments are more reliable, so the HOA as a whole also benefits from this online approach.


Status Updates

A website is excellent for communicating information quickly and easily to an entire association. Mass emails are a great tool for any property management system, but websites should also be used for immediate updates on ongoing projects. A section can easily be created to show the current status of repairs, upgrades, snow shoveling, meeting times, and more. The goal is allow homeowners to make a quick visit to the site and find out everything they need to about ongoing projects.


Request Logs

After online payments, one of the most useful features of an HOA website is creating and logging a requests. Requests for repairs or other changes are difficult enough as it is – there's no reason to fill them out and send them in by hand. A qualified HOA management system will provide online forms to quick log official requests – with the added benefit that these forms must be completely and accurately filled out before being submitted.


Resource Organization

With all our talk about fees and payments, it's important not to lose site of how HOAs also manage a lot of social activities. A well-built website will have a calendar or similar tool that informs you of social gatherings, meetings, and local events that are worth your time (preferably with links to tickets, times, or other information). It makes managing your weekends much easier!


Advice and Answers for Emergencies

Ultimately, the HOA website should be a place that you can turn to in an emergency or when you need help with a particular issue. FAQs and advice should be available in Web format so you sit down at your computer or pull out your phone and get immediate answers. This covers a lot of ground, but it also underlines the importance of an online HOA for all homeowners.


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