It’s December, and holiday joy is in full swing! However, even while your HOA is busy celebrating and spending time with family, as a board, it never hurts to begin springtime preparations. The earlier you begin to plan, the easier the process will be once the ground defrosts and actual work begins. Spring cleaning is hard enough; it’s important that you work ahead.


This line of thinking is especially true when it comes to landscaping. Though plants can’t really go into the ground until spring, there’s still plenty that can be done to make the process less of an ordeal once the seasons change. Gassen, a Twin Cities property management services company, explains further below.

Planning is Half the Battle

Any longstanding HOA will tell you that spring landscaping is much more than simply putting flowers in the ground. It encompasses everything from budgeting to creating floral designs. Of course, most HOA board members are familiar with the general planning process, but it never hurts to review or learn if you’re a new board member.


When it comes to planning for spring, remember the following:


●        Call your contractors now. Yes, now. If you wait until later months, such as February or March, you’ll be stuck working around all the other HOAs and businesses that called ahead of you. If you’re unsure who to turn to for any spring landscaping or maintenance project, we can help with our tried-and-true list of recommended vendors.

●        Schedule that volunteer yard-work day you’ve been thinking about. The further out you schedule a volunteer day, the easier it will be for your HOA to attend. Online property management services can help you get the word out well ahead of time.

●        Ask for feedback. HOA members should have a very loud say in how their board runs things. As New Year’s Day rolls around, you can host a winter wrap-up meeting to get a few new ideas for spring. You never know—a particularly quiet HOA member could be waiting for just the right moment to speak up!

Need Help Tying it All Together? Gassen Can Help

We’re a multipurpose accounting property management company; in addition to helping your HOA with its finances, our versatile and talented team offers everything from conflict resolution services to project management. Experience the Gassen difference in quality today, and give us a call at 952-922-5575.