Social media can be a powerful community-building force. You no doubt have heard that it can be used to organize social movements for good, start and end trends, and hold friendships together across thousands of miles of distance. What you probably haven’t heard, though, is that almost any social media platform can be used to bring homeowners association (HOA) communities closer together and foster a sense of belonging among residents that these regulated communities are so well known for.


That said, social media isn’t a magical community-builder, even though anyone, theoretically, can use it. It takes a specific kind of post, a fine-tuned tone, and a lot of dedication to properly run a social media site for an HOA. Gassen, the largest HOA management company in the Twin Cities area, explains further below.

Warm Yet Professional: The Ideal HOA Social Media Page

Your HOA social media page gives both residents and possible tenants or buyers an idea of what it’s like to live in your neighborhood. Careful curation of posts is crucial to both attracting and maintaining residents.


Of course, all HOAs are different, and each community has a unique vibe to it, but a good rule of thumb is to keep all HOA-related social media posts warm, yet professional. You want to show how fulfilling living in your community is, but you also want to show that your board is responsible and efficient, which only comes from emitting a businesslike air online.


Of course, “warm yet professional” is a hard line to walk! Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind.


●        Don’t post personally identifying information on your HOA’s social media page. Think of your HOA’s page solely as an advertising platform. You have an obligation to behave professionally and respect your residents’ privacy.

●        Keep it positive. Reminding your community of fees that need to be paid is best left to online property management, and settling disputes better left to private property management services. Anything that could potentially shed a negative light on your HOA, even in the slightest way, has no place on your social media page.

●        Enforce standards of behavior. Posting something online means that anyone can comment on it, opening up the opportunity for arguments and unprofessional conduct that can reflect negatively upon your HOA. Consider disabling comments if applicable, or posting a code of conduct that all commenters must adhere to. Moderate your pages and enforce any and all guidelines.

In Need of HOA Management? Gassen can Help

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