It’s already the Holiday season, which means that winter is right around the corner—if Minnesota hasn’t decided to bring the cold season early, as it often tends to do!

Regardless, the holiday season and the surrounding festivities mean that homeowners associations (HOAs) and property management services everywhere are working hard and wrapping up their planning sessions for the upcoming year. However, that’s no reason to forget about the present.

Gassen, an Eden Prairie HOA management firm, explains what should be on your wintertime schedule to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your residents.

Holiday Joy is for Everyone

As joyous as Christmas can be, it's important to remember it’s not the only holiday that falls around this time of year; Kwanzaa and Hanukkah also take place toward the end of December.

If your HOA or property management service is planning a holiday-related event, it’s to the benefit of everyone if that event is all-inclusive. Including everyone in your HOA’s holiday celebrations doesn’t have to be hard, nor take away from anyone’s enjoyment.

It can be as simple as any of these fun events!

Plan a Fun Ice Skating Day

If your HOA has a local pond, a community ice-skating day, complete with hot chocolate, can be a great way for your neighborhood’s kids and adults alike to bond. Just make sure the ice is thick enough to skate!

The Minnesota DNR recommends an ice depth of at least four inches for people to walk on the ice safely, but local sporting establishments can provide more location- and weather-specific recommendations.

Hold a Volunteer Snow Removal Event

If your neighborhood has recently been snowed in, consider getting everyone together to remove it for free. Shoveling a driveway is certainly not an enjoyable part of the season for anyone!

If one of your residents has a snowblower, even better. Using online property management services can make such a sudden event easier to schedule.

Host a Kids’ Craft Night

Many wholesalers and box stores sell cheap holiday crafts around this time of year. If you don’t want to go for entire mini craft sets, a box of printer paper makes for amazing snowflake-crafting material, especially when budget-friendly glitter and glue is added in!

Host your craft night in style in your community’s rec room or shared spaces on your property.

Decorate As a Community

Bring your neighbors together by planning a decorating day in the neighborhood. Add festive decor to shared spaces, like community rooms, heated patios, and sunrooms. Hang lights and other holiday decorations on trees and bushes in your neighborhood’s green spaces.

Or even organize a home light hanging schedule to help members of your community decorate their own homes for the season.

Bring People Together With Food

Nothing is better at bringing people together than having a holiday party with amazing food. Whether your HOA caters food in or you plan a community potluck, encourage your residents to share a meal together this season by hosting a holiday feast for everyone.

Winter HOA Management: Gassen Is Here for You

We’re an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, which includes everything from event planning to accounting property management. If your HOA is feeling a little overwhelmed this holiday season give us a call today at 952-922-5575, or reach out through our contact page.