Homeowners associations (HOAs) are run for the benefit of those who live there; that’s an indisputable fact. By maintaining property values and building communities through events and amenities, HOA management hopes to make living in the neighborhood as fulfilling as it can be for everyone who lives there—not just the board or specific residents.


How happy any given HOA’s residents are collectively can be referred to as “resident satisfaction,” and while there is no widely known way to measure it, it’s often at the forefront of any good HOA board’s minds. Bolstering it is the name of the game. That’s why Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, explains a few tips for boards to help keep their residents satisfied and happy with their HOA experiences.

Support Your Residents and Give Them a Voice

A well-run HOA board is a lot like a well-run democracy. They both support their residents with an unyielding structure and rules, while also giving those residents the opportunity to change those rules if collective opinion is significant.


This is, of course, a difficult line to walk; HOA boards and management, through the use of online property management platforms or otherwise, must remain compassionate and understanding enough to build collective morale, yet stern enough to enforce the rules that uphold community aesthetic and behavioral standards—also important parts of what makes living in an HOA neighborhood so satisfying.


How on Earth is one volunteer board to do all of this?


●        Practicing good listening skills. Problems in any part of the community, when not discussed, can snowball and turn into huge, ground-shaking issues later on. An HOA with lingering problems is certainly not one that’s very satisfying to live in! Boards can help by promoting themselves as being ready to listen to and address any member concerns or problems, no matter how big or small.

●        Focusing on community amenities. Physical amenities, such as community pools or centers, can double-task—that is, foster community bonding while also maintaining nearby property values. Amenities are bound to keep all members in your community satisfied!

●        Using accounting property management and similar services. Good HOA boards know that, sometimes, running even the most relaxed HOA can be a little much sometimes. They know that, in order to fulfil their obligations to create community satisfaction, they sometimes might need to ask for help.

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