Homeowners associations (HOAs) are much more than amenities and fancy landscaping. They allow communities to grow close in a way that few other organizations can, and they provide a certain measure of financial security that’s needed in an ever-changing economy. Gassen, a Twin Cities HOA management firm, explains in what respects an HOA neighborhood is better than non-HOA neighborhoods.

Property Management Services, Financial Stability, and a Sense of Belonging

As stated above, well-run HOA neighborhoods are more than simply nice to live in. Efficient board management of everything from accounting property management to the neighborhood’s aesthetic standards come with many benefits that promote—generally, a higher quality of life than that in non-HOA neighborhoods.


Of course, there’s a lot that goes in to running a good HOA. Without a well-oiled board or the use of property management services, these neighborhoods can quickly fall into chaos, just like any other.


That said, just how do well-run HOAs do it better?


●        They unite their communities over common goals. Through local holiday parties and other seasonal events, HOAs can make all residents feel like they belong in any given community. Structure and regulation of aesthetic standards inspires a sense of pride in the neighborhood, giving all residents common ground and something tangible to bond over.

●        They promote the maintenance of property values. Unlike unregulated neighborhoods, HOA neighborhoods hold their residents to proper exterior home maintenance, through the use of online property management tools or otherwise. This has the collective effect of boosting or maintaining local property values, granting HOA residents a greater sense of economic security. Through the construction of community amenities and the like, HOAs also ensure that public areas are well-kept, leading to a similar outcome.

●        They give all community members a voice. Local governments can economically overlook individual neighborhoods in favor of others. HOAs look after the micro-communities they oversee, making sure that everyone within them enjoys the highest quality of life possible.

Ready to See what a Properly Managed HOA Can Bring to Your Neighborhood? Gassen is Here to Help

Of course, the above is only true of well-run HOAs. If your HOA needs a little help, Gassen can provide. We’re experts in general HOA management services and accounting property management. To see what we can do for your HOA, give us a call at 952-922-5575, or you can get ahold of us through our contact page.