Proper HOA management brings tight social bonds and financial stability to neighborhoods everywhere—and it all starts with the board of directors (or the board, for short). These are community members who volunteer their time, through online property management or otherwise, to help the HOA make decisions that keep the community healthy and strong.


Thinking about running for a board position in your HOA neighborhood? We commend you! However, holding such a seat is no cakewalk. Good HOA board members have a certain something about them that makes them good at what they do, but they also work hard to cultivate the unique skill set the position requires.


So, what makes a good HOA board member? Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, answers that below.

Work Hard, Stay Humble

Proper HOA management is a balance of listening to the community and doing what’s right to protect it. HOA management is a balancing act, and good board members know how to walk the tightrope.


What skills help them do so?


●        Impartial listening skills. Though this is important in countless areas of life, HOA board members must know how to be quiet and listen, even when they hold opposing views. HOA neighborhoods are democratically run; a board position does not give a person permission, nor the legal right, to enact any policy he or she pleases. In an ideal world, the board will represent the desires of those it governs in a way that best maintains public morale and financial stability. Cultivating this environment without listening to diverse community viewpoints is nearly impossible.

●        Self-motivation. Most HOA board members are volunteers; they receive no tangible compensation for the stress-filled hours they serve running their communities. This is why being self-motivated is crucial for these people. Good HOA board members will see the reward in their flourishing neighborhoods and see this as motivation enough for all the work they do.

●        Compassion. A board position is more than numbers, financial planning, and accounting property management. Good board members will respect the human element that is inseparable from HOAs—that is, they empathize with the concerns and plights of their neighbors. In short: good HOA board members care.

In Need of Property Management Services? Gassen is Here to Help

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