Not every HOA is created equal: Some are new organizations presiding over new condos without much experience in managing property or people. Others have been around for many decades and have failed to keep up with the times and technology. The goal is to find a great homeowners association with both experience and innovation, because when an HOA knows what it's doing you get even more benefits – like these:


1. Property Upgrades that Matter

An experienced property management organization will not only make changes, but they'll make changes that matter. We're not talking about fixed potholes or new flowerbeds, but rather smart investment in new rec spaces, security systems, gym equipment, notification systems and even electrical or HVAC features. You'll be able to tell when something gets an upgrade, but it will improve your daily experience in your home…and that's worth a lot.


2. Online Communication

Online communication is one of the effective ways to separate poor or lazy HOA management from those who are on top both the property and their responsibilities. A good system allows management to quickly contact all members at once through effective group emails, preferably sent on consistently with weekly updates or other important news. Online communication also includes the ability to file requests and fill out forms online, as well as get a speedy response back.


3. Fewer Troubles

A high-quality homeowners association not only makes it easy to communicate, but makes it easy to take care of problems. For a well-run organization, there's no waiting days or weeks after reporting a problem to get a fix – the best HOAs are often there the same day. Reporting violations, illegal parking, or degradation issues is met with action, and as a result fewer problems occur in the long run. This applies as much to people as to property – troublemakers don't stay around in a good HOA.


4. Energy and Eco Savings

We bet you never thought of this one before, but a good homeowners association is also great for the environment. That's because it's in their best interest to use the land as efficiently as possible and make sure that all development is carefully planned. The result is using less land and fewer resources, which is very eco-friendly…and also leads to energy savings, which can in turn lower your fees. Everyone wins – and as a side note, this focus on development planning often makes HOAs more active in community decisions, voting, and volunteering, another benefit that often goes unnoticed.


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